Insert 2
This car allows for quick shots with far more mobility than the larger standard camera car. Faster out of the hole, it has a Ford 429 ci 500 hp high compression engine, disc brakes, and a lower profile while not compromising camera mounts. The front and back porch are large enough for an operator.

Insert 2 is excellent for car-to-car control pursuit scenarios, with enough power to pull a tow dolly, car or motorcycle rig safely. The only limit is the amount of crew space - maximum six people at slower speeds.

​From our one-ton Dodge camera car, to our 25-foot modular crane, Elite has the equipment you need, to get the shots you want.  Call us for information and rates.

Insert 1

A Dodge one-ton frame with a high-power 440 big block. It has an additional tag axle, all pneumatic adjustable suspension, and a robust automatic transmission with two level gear range for superior pulling ability. On board is a 170 amp 110/220 gas generator, Barber sync controlled.

Interior A/C inverter for smaller needs. The large rear deck, folding lower deck and spacious front porch are all available as shooting platforms, crew space or equipment storage. The unit has full rigging industry standard grip and 2-inch tube insert car attachments, heavy duty camera plates and level heads. 


​Tow Dolly

Insert 3

Built on a Ford F350 frame with a 460 V8 big block engine. It has a tag axle and adjustable airbag suspension. Our go-to vehicle for towing the process trailer. The deck has plenty of room for crew and cameras. It has a front porch and fold out, lower rear porch as well. Equipped with 2" rail for rigging, camera beams with level heads.

On-board 170 amp, two phase, crystal sync generator for power. 

Process 1 

Its full hydraulic leveling and ride height settings allows crews to hover over any road conditions. It has unique camber reversal switches for effortless reverse maneuvering, and its rear loading area expands via hydraulics to accommodate wider vehicles.

Flip down sides with hand rails. Loading requires only 4” high ramps. Once on the trailer, vehicles can drive down into the trailer platform by removing panels within the work area. Uninterrupted deck space measures 12’ x 29’. All-wheel "air ride" for smooth travel. Trucks, cars, dollies and track all fit onboard. Space for small jib arms, hostess trays and hood mounts.


Elite Arm
​Insert 1 with modular camera crane mounted on the back deck.