Brent Lawson
Business Manager
Brent is co-founder of BLT Productions, a NW based  grip company, and Elite  Camera Cars. Brent is an incomparable manager with common sense and a clear view of business operations. He brings a solid foundation to Elite Camera Cars. Possessing a 25+ year resume of film and video credits, Brent's depth of understanding of daily needs, application of hardware and  inventory control is priceless. Operating on a constant, even-keel, he handles the contracts, bids, insurance and company control with ease.

Mark "Sparky" Haleston
Technical Manager / Lead Driver
Trained by Specialty Camera Cars founder Jeff Bane, Mark managed the northwest division for several years and acquired a clear understanding for feature and commercial work. An early adopter in HD, his company, MPS/HD pioneered with Grass Valley's broadcast camcorder Infinity, provides HD content worldwide with a substantial list of corporate clients. Another division, STP, provides high tech transport for film equipment nationwide with Class A semi-truck support. Mark is co-founder of Elite Camera Cars.

Bruce Lawson
Driver / Promotions

Bruce is an icon in the Northwest production community. With three decades of experience, he is a driving force for Elite. Bruce's customer relations guarantees the job will be done right. Experienced as a key grip and assistant director, camera cars are a simple task for him. Bruce's job quality is represented by three key things: safety, creativity and a zest for production. Bruce is also co-founder of BLT Productions, a NW-based grip company.

Brian Lawson
Driver / Maintenance /  Modifications
With over 25 years of experience in film and video, Elite Camera Cars co-founder Brian has the  knowledge to help keep any production running smoothly. When not helping to maintain  Elite's fleet of camera support vehicles, Brian specializes as a dolly and crane grip,  making him uniquely qualified inside and out of the camera vehicles. Being a creative perfectionist with a keen eye  for detail helps make Brian an important part of the Elite Camera Cars team and an integral part of successful productions.

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